The final stage of the engine is reached when the parking costs more than driving a car.                                                 Peter Sellers (1925 - 1980)

A modern word that is often misunderstood.

Many people immediately think of when you hear the word mobility, to the many different types of vehicles that are there on the market. From small to big all possible vehicles are now available in the market. If I have such a thing, you think the same, I also mobility.

That's right - but not quite. But the word of mobility means in fact something else. Thus the meaning of the word mobility refers not to our vehicles but rather that man can attain through the mobility change of spatial variation, ie the ability to move, or the exchange of geographic locations or positions.   Here are the options such as Car, train, boat, etc. meant, but rather the possibility of spatial changes at all. In this context, I have you listed once different types of mobility   


Social mobility

Spatial mobility at times to name just a small selection.

The whole variety of vehicles you are welcome to view in vehicle concepts. 

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