collision damage

Terms First, in a hull loss two essential features can be distinguished . These relate to the question, it now These are a partial coverage - or a fully comprehensive damage?

In a comprehensive insurance in the event of compulsory admission of the regulator is meant always the damage to the vehicle.

The services to be provided are set out in your insurance contract with the general is overhung motor vehicle conditions ( AKB ).

In most cases, by the policyholder in case of damage a deductible comprehensive insurance to carry.

Furthermore, it should be noted that a hull loss is present when you have self-inflicted or inflicted the damage.

But the same is also true when it comes to hair wild, storm and hail, fire, water, theft or vandalism. But be careful in the hull loss case in the choice of an expert. Something other than the indemnity damage area arises from the perspective of insurance represents the hull loss.

Therefore applies here: First, the insurance holding consultation on whether and how the Damage could be remedied. Insurance and therefore your regulator is normally only itself appoint an expert "internally" to look at the damage. The professional fees charged past the insurer itself.

Should you want to hire an expert of your choice, so you should clarify this request only after prior consultation with your insurance company. Please remember that you have a phone note the name of the agent, should note the date and time before commissioning an expert of your choice as possible in writing, at least.

But. Only then can the cost of an official designated by you experts are also subject to reimbursement in such cases: 

The insurer is not possible in a timely inspect the damage.

The insurer has the involvement and assignment a neutral expert agreed.      

The opinion of the commission by the insurance Verifier has been created provably false or inhohem extent defective.

In this case, § 14 engages the general Conditions for motor insurance. So you would then have the right to turn on a self-selected experts.  Caution: Talk, if you have doubts about the truth or accuracy of a report, previously with a reputable expert of your choice. This would be able to consider the report again. Another note on the subject of claims for damages against the insurer Some insurance companies offer so-called letters of protection, which then include additional benefits in the event of damage event.

For details, please, contact your local motor vehicle insurance. Insurance types and regulations Teilkasko

Glass breakage   


Fire / Explosion

Short circuit / scorching damage

Storm and hail damage

Water (flood)

Hair game damage Comprehensive 

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