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TÜV Rheinland Certified

              TÜV Certification ID No. 0000023687
Authorized expert for vehicle damage and vehicle reviews (TÜV) - Unlimited

Worldwide management solutions in the automotive sector

The BAIS euroakademie is a training center for the automotive expert (a division of BAIS automotive GmbH) with its headquarters in Straubing in Bavaria and many other locations throughout Germany.

Wintec Autoglas is a service provider in the field of vehicle glass and vehicle accessories with repair and replacement.

       The head office of Wintec AG has been located in Limburg an der Lahn since 1997.

            Wintec Autoglas is represented in 338 locations in Germany.

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Bernhard Kohlstedt and its partners welcome you to this comprehensive source of information, so that the unpleasant event of damage will again belong to your car soon the past for you.

You are now at a TÜV certified, independent and competent partner around the topics automobile damage appraisals as well as matters relating to the settlement of road accidents throughout the Ruhr area.

Your competent partner for questions around the topic of management of road accidents by expertise in motor vehicle certificate!

In Car Crash Info virtually all types of vehicles (cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, bicycles, buses or ships travel) will be reviewed and edited order technically.

Accident, technical failure or sabotage, the Car Crash Info is with your partners always the first choice when it comes to handling.

By Personnel Certification from TÜV Rheinland in the field automotive expert for road accidents and vehicle reviews, as well as other qualified education and training, we can guarantee you professional and fast service around the theme of damage to motor vehicles.

So we want to let you on the following pages a lot of information coming, so you can take the right way in dealing with your traffic accident in the incident.

Do you want quick and easy to see the wide range at a glance, take a look please the button services by which type of service you want.
Whether as a private customer or a business customer here you find the right information.

So we want to let you on the following pages a lot of information coming, so you can take the right way in dealing with your traffic accident in the incident.

Ultimately, it should be a matter that this unpleasant incident for you again soon belongs to the past.

We want to sustainably your partner in the proper - and professional handling, as well as questions about the vehicle damage and vehicle reviews be. All other design possibilities of cooperation can be found at:

                                         Services / Private customers

                                         Services / Business Customers

With regard to the handling of a traffic accident, you can memorize the following graphic.

A traffic accident - what does that mean anyway?

The Court understands by a traffic accident means any sudden, causally connected with the road and its dangers event which people - or property damage has.

(Judgment of the Bundesgerichtshof of 27.7.1972, Az: 4 StR 287/72.).

Even individual occurrences of static traffic can be classified as a traffic accident on the cause of a loss event.
It is therefore important for you to contact after a traffic accident to the right place.

As a renowned and well-known in many circles automotive expert, please contact us with the publication partners for many services related to questions of your vehicle available.
Before it now goes to the contents, please allow me a little note in their own right.

First, it should be mentioned that this website has been created to the best of its knowledge and belief.

For some people it's too much information, for others it can still too little Informationensein that are stored on this website.

So it's hard to find a "happy medium" in the design and development of a website.

Add to that the ever-changing tides of information - are so great that it is by no means advisable to line
each topic in detail form - especially in the automotive industry.

Therefore, we have limited ourselves possible on the key issues and topics of the department vehicle technology.

Of course, we'll be happy to answer questions around the automobile, and especially in the case of a traffic accident immediately personally.

But now to the actual topic - the motor vehicle and / or the motor vehicle expert.

So there on the open market to secure a wide range of automotive property-offices communicate. Many of them provide their clients from flawless and clean opinion.

But how is it with additional services?

What if, for example, your vehicle has suffered an economic union-total loss?

Now you want but achieve the highest possible residual value for your vehicle. Exactly this will be possible only if your vehicle is set by so-called modern cloud software and used or is sold. This in turn is via so-called car - possible exchanges of your experts, provided that the respective experts has the appropriate Clouds. Just so you can be sure to give away money.
                                  The automotive experts:

What is an automobile expert - can everyone do?

Want to learn more this - then just have a look under About us by.

There you can find more detailed details on this topic.

Through years of proximity to motor vehicles, we want as your first competent, independent and certified by TÜV Rheinland vehicle. - Experts be sustainable and popular place, so that we will prevail together and consultation with your lawyer, your right.

                                      "Your demand is our goal"
But what actually is when it really once crashed and you need urgent assistance with regard to the incident?

It is not just about what you can see at the moment of the accident to damage, it is especially for you the consequences that you at the moment of such damages may Once can not see.

What we stand for you in this case is available to jointly discuss with you issues and useful to clarify.

Ultimately the aim must be to make the right analysis to ensure that the right way in dealing with your accident-damage or vehicle assessment is made for you.

As a free and certified experts, we are always working vehicle - insurance and neutral, which is important for an objective assessment of the claim of the utmost importance.
Because of the constant and verified from - and further education, we guarantee a high level of quality for you.

We also stand ready to determine more complicated and / or sabotage Traffic accidents with extensive expert equipment.
It should be noted that any vehicle damage is different, so there is therefore no mass production in damage assessment. This is especially true for the above-described time factor.

The handwriting your opinion is therefore the most important ticket for you at the regulatory body of your vehicle damage.

Therefore, we place special emphasis on a solid and reliable cooperation in the proper settlement of rights and obligations in terms of the loss event.

Let yourself first legally binding in a preliminary interview.
Inform yourself.

Over the entire range of services via the button and take a look at the wide range in all its fullness
Under the Button Sitemap you will find all the subfolders in order to find answers to your questions quickly.

                                               In this sense:


Picture: Nikita Leon Art by Bettina Kohlstedt
In any case, we wish you a good future and especially accident-free driving.

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Bernhard Kohlstedt