Vehicle Rating

Vehicle Rating First, the following should be bennenen because belong to the vehicle-review Replacement cost Term Review Residual values Secure your claims just in time! After all, no one has presented like his money.

You know your car better than anyone else, but you know also what your baby at a value?

We will create a detailed report to the vehicle value. So you're finally on the safe side and thus you also get back later, what you want. Knowing what Faith has a vehicle to value is often reality, if you want to sell your car one day and suddenly have to firmly associate that no one is there funding for their cars, you can imagine.

Therefore, you can play it safe and leave your car or another vehicle subject to an evaluation.

This will cost you now even have money, but as you have in the future a forecast in his hand to avoid being drawn "over the bars".

But why actually an appraisal?

Here, the actual value of your vehicle is detected ( depending on the purpose , inter alia, the re - replacement value, realizable value, Händlereinkaufs- and dealer retail value ).

In evaluating any value-influencing factors flowing with . Here are some criteria of evaluation are listed on a valuation report : 

vehicle age

mileage equipment 

accessories maintenance state

local market

Nevertheless, the entire technical condition of the vehicle must be properly documented. You could, for example, claims against demonstrate a Vericherung event of a claim or an owner-change of the vehicle always at the best knowledge which has intrinsic value your vehicle.

In addition, all work on your vehicle from workshops in a review incorporated therefore applies - with a valuation report, you are well protected.

The valuation report prepared by us meets all needs in terms of law for insured persons and insurance companies, buyers and sellers, workshops, lawyers and courts.

Well so let's assume it's up time to put on the time a new vehicle, but what do I get for my old car? By preparation of a valuation you achieve realistic classified classic margins for sale for your candidate realizable value on the market.

In this way, you need to have no fear more to be drawn from unscrupulous car dealers on the strips.

What I have now to know about the value of my car when it was stolen? First, the vehicle is no longer available and it is now very difficult for you to prove what your car had not yet had its value. Had you but only an appraisal, so you could prove the insurance, what would you have to get for your car on the market - even if it is no longer time you come. If that alone is not peace of mind?

Of course you can not be informed in advance of what it means for you to cost and when it's worth it and when. A reputable expert will show you definitely the right way.

Even in older or special vehicles, we provide you with a manual appraisals. You do not have any questions or would like detailed information?

Of course, we are happy for your requests. Look for under the opening times, how and when you can reach us best.