Vehicle disposal

See also under Publications Some people only be separated with a heavy heart from your Autoschätzchen, precisely because you your car has many years given to pleasure and mobility.

The day of the days will come when you have to say goodbye, whether or because the pending repair is no longer profitable due to a traffic accident. Suddenly your vehicle is scrapped.

Years later you might still think of your old car and have no "Actual materials" more alöten of your vehicle, which you could then show friends or acquaintances. To solve this problem, Car Crash Info has come up with something very special for you.

As an official of the company Seik Koopperationspartner and thus the largest recycling companies in NRW we want to provide the ability to have materials for your old baby even years later. For this reason, there are more than us to get a make of us utilization certificate for your old vehicle and indeed before it falls the Auto Press prey for the opportunity.

Of course you will then receive a small photo album with more than playable photos together with date and time. The everything to make you even years later remember your old baby.

Simply call, further clarify everything we.

Then in a personal conversation and are looking forward to your call