police vehicles

From an expert's point of view, these types of emergency vehicles are only to be considered as special in two respects, because on the one hand, the expert should already be able to identify at the scene of the accident which new labeling films are needed, as these are often not the same from now on. Especially because it is here special foils.

On the other hand, a police vehicle with regard to the entire equipment u.U. something more complex, called as only modern GPS Ausrüßtung or even special security devices.

To call there is, for example the difference between a patrol car and a so-called radio patrol car. The latter find their field of application in common practice almost everywhere in Germany today.

Furthermore, the police also have other emergency vehicles that have to perform completely different tasks.

Group car (GruKW)
    Prison car (GefKW) or (Ver) Schubbusse for the transport of prisoners in different sizes
    Water cannon (WaWe) of technical equipment units
    Light truck (LHMW) for the illumination of places of use
    Command vehicle (BefkW) in different sizes
    Service dog driver's car (DHFüKW, also DHuFüKW), formerly mostly station wagons, nowadays often minibuses
    Civil Strips and Criminal Police vehicles
    Preservation and documentation vehicles (BeDoKW), predecessor models Proof security vehicles (BeSiKW), for the video-technical recording of events
    Test vehicle (PrüfKW) for traffic control
    Video transmission vehicle
    Loudspeaker Cars (LauKW)


In any case, the expert working for the police with regard to their vehicles must exercise a very special duty of care.

Emergency vehicles are in the job - not in the repair.

Appraisals or assessments of such special vehicles requires a certain relationship of trust and a very close cooperation between appraisers and police officers.

Only when this is guaranteed can the police say it is for our protection. How far-reaching such a cooperation between us and the police can be, has been shown in previous individual assignments.

If you would like more information about the police or their emergency vehicles, please contact their police department.

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