Nursing services and your vehicles

Nursing service vehicles have two special features that need to be considered.

So these vehicles are very similar to those of a plant protection often driven by different people with the result that the vehicles also have to meet different requirements. For one driver, one clutch can hold 100,000 kilometers at the next, maybe just 30000 kilometers, just to give you an example.

In addition, the nursing company in the room, whether a vehicle is leased or bought by the company.

In the process, they will be convinced that leasing vehicles for outpatient care is the cheaper option.

It is therefore assumed under a certain annual mileage that - taking into account a down payment - a surrender value may be included.

Depending on the leasing contract plus the inspections, obligatory maintenance etc.

If one calculates this, some will always act in the sense of a leasing company - especially if they are on the side of the beneficiaries of leasing transactions.

Result: This solution is cheaper. For care services: Lease a vehicle

The others, however, expect something else, namely that the purchase is cheaper here.

That's how you imagine this. A company instructs 35 employees to drive to VW to buy there at the main masterpiece just 35 VW's. In rank and file all 35 employees go back and look forward to the return not only over 35 new cars, but also over full discounts which there was of VW due to the purchased quantity.

Here, the proponents of the purchase of a vehicle then strive with the following arguments, namely it is annoying and also dangerous for the finances, if after the expiration of the lease must state that now every scratch, dent other damage must come up with elaborate repair. An endeavor, which in any case speaks against a leasing vehicle.

In practice, however, it can be said that both the one and the other way could be promising and right. The differences are likely to be very small if the market works in the range of less than 1% of the total cost.

The fact is: more important than the question of whether one way or the other is sustainability.

So it's about your corporate identity: This includes important parameters for your company such as vehicle lettering, vehicle selection make (if possible all the same), vehicle colors, etc. So it's about you create a recognition value for yourself - even and especially for the vehicles.

Ultimately, there is still the question in the room, what to do and, above all, who can I commission in terms of accident, other damage, leasing returns, etc.

If you have one of your vehicles, for example A traffic accident and commission an appraiser who does not know their vehicles, this often leads to small hidden niches only if your fleet is known, the small details of each vehicle are known.

In this respect, you are strongly advised that if you own several vehicles, it is best to contact an appraiser of your choice.

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