When theft is a judicial offense since someone else's property is used.

What behavior in any particular case is called theft, shall be governed by constituent elements of national criminal law standard.

These are set out in § 242 of the Criminal Code of the Federal Republic of Germany.

For more information, please visit the following advice centers of the Police of the Ruhr area.

Police Headquarters Essen Commissariat prevention - KK 41 - Buescher Straße 2 - 6 45131 Essen

North Rhine-Westphalia Phone:                                  0201 - 829-4444  

Polizeipräsidium Oberhausen, Commissariat prevention Friedensplatz 2-5 46045 Oberhausen

North Rhine-Westphalia Phone:                                  0208 - 826-4512       

Police Headquarters Bochum Commissariat prevention Uhlandstraße 35 44791 Bochum Phone:                                                                   0234 - 909- 4055  

Other information about the topic Theft gives you the respective local police.

But what is actually when your stolen vehicle suddenly appears again?

Then there will initially be a matter for the police and the insurance company to secure any existing traces theft.

In some cases, then driving force-generating experts may be used to secure any existing evidence on the vehicle or detect further theft traces or to locate.

Another good tip. If your vehicle has an appraisal at any time also to demonstrate the value of the insurance on your vehicle had Diebstahltag. 

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