Oldtimer and Oldtimer opinions  


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Dear Oldimerfreunde 

The Car Crash Info is one of the few experts company in Germany, which offers the Department Oldtimer its own home page.

Background of this service is that the area Oldtimer Restoration Technically is very extensive and also at many points very striking information such as about Sheet Metal Processing contains the otherwise for "your" baby can not be refound in such detail.

In addition, you will find important information about what you should do before you start your baby at restoration.


In division oldtimer vehicles are inspected in accordance with § 23 Road Traffic Regulation   Such opinion gives you the confidence that your vehicle according to § 2 no. 22 FZV was investigated and is therefore classified as a classic car. 

Young and Oldtimer subject to a special care and on the other hand, you also require a special vote, because it is mostly dealing with uncommon vehicles that are no longer available as an production car.

Therefore Oldtimer Oldtimer tests and expert opinions are often important for your owners. 

This vintage is similar to that of a school grade divided by their respective state in notes.

But long before it actually comes to that their vehicle is inspected by an expert for restoration should consider this the classic car owners in the restoration event.

Logically, you should (or an appointed company) to sit down before the start of the actual vehicle dismantling for restoration with an expert of your choice to connect.

So all operations of A are - Z not only accompanies but be photodocumented and individual work steps will again be found in the respective reports. In this respect, a so-called for you. Accompanying restauration extremely useful.

This means reliability from the outset!   The vehicle-criteria contained in a vintage appraisals are therefore tangible proof for the state, and thus also for the value of your old baby.

Apart from the actual appraisals your classic car, you get a tailor-made "assessment certificate" for your car.

But how actually created such a classic car Opinion? The path to classic car Opinion 1st overall impression of the vehicle

+ Overall visual impression and originality from the outside

+ Overall visual impression and originality from the inside

+ Overall visual impression and originality in the engine compartment

+ Overall visual impression and originality in the trunk


+ Lacquer coating thickness measurement and quality paint

+ color composition original paint?

+ Gap dimensions on the vehicle

+ All seals, rubber parts and moldings 

+ Height compared bumpers and lights

+ Tires and Rims  

                                                 3. lift

+ Accidental Damage and welds  

+ Control rust underbody, sills etc.

+ Oil and fluid loss

+ Sockets and suspension parts

+ Brakes and hoses  

+ Exhaust System               4. Test drive  

+ Start behavior cold 

+ Road test and functional test 

+ Start behavior hot  

+ Oil and fluid loss 

                                               5. Papers 

+ Control entries 

+ Chassis and engine number 

+ Original Equipment 

+ Service papers  

+ Extradition papers  

+ Documents main and emissions inspection

+ Restoration documents 

Pictures Individually of classic cars up to 150 images and made Ark fourth.

In addition, the result is compared with those of the medulla.   Finally created it for you important Endgutachten with the corresponding complete documentation.