forensic Science

This big chapter is reserved exclusively for the police, so at least one might believe. However, there are also areas where a Kf.-.- verifier is used, such as. after vehicle crashes or when collecting evidence after accidents. This requires special resources, which are also used by the police. These forensic aids are being used by us for serious investigations.

in the field of traffic engineering, these are e.g. Forensics films.

In the field of forensics these are still chemical evidence, fingerprint powder or spray. Furthermore, the protection of traces (even fingerprints) on wet surfaces proves the solvent ASD.

But first of all it is important to first think about the meaning and purpose of the respective mission. In this case, the classical proof of so-called fingerprints applies first. There is not a single case in medicine in the world where two people have the same fingerprint. Even with identical twins, this is not the case. In this respect, the method of fingerprint verification is a fairly secure proof of identity. However, fingerprint evidence is also pretty easy to prevent, such as wearing gloves.

However, even with gloves u.U. Body cells and tiny dander on the scene reveal something about the culprit. One speaks of about 80 dander which a person loses per minute. This is where the DNA comes in, because every single cell has its genome. In addition, sweat (also on clothing) and fancy hair, saliva (such as cigarette butts and glasses) as well as muscle tissue, blood, sperm, urine and bone are meaningful for DNA analysis. The DNA consists of four basic building blocks, the bases adenine, guanine, thymine and cytosine. These are strung on long chains, in a different order for each person. The DNA analysis is based on this and provides information about the so-called genetic fingerprint.

Another area is the area of ​​footwear and that not only with regard to the sole, details are negligible here. The same applies to the use of murder weapons.

However, for a well-trained car expert with trace analysis is not negligible, are so-called. Sanding marks or tool marks that are often used in the car. Sliding marks in the form of drawing or scuff marks can be an important indication of violent opening and u.U. even hinting at the use of the tool.

           Topic tire marks

We use two different aids for the topic tire marks as well as the topic footprints, namely the so-called tire track foils as well as the impression set Sitrak which is also particularly suitable for a footwear.

Furthermore, other Hilsmittel also used to secure serological traces.
As a rule, the motor vehicle expert has nothing to do with this; this is the exclusive matter of medical criminology.

Topic forensic appraisals

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