Car Crash Info

Yes, of course

T h e  experts

The individual Luxirösität your vehicle should be reflected in our work.  That is why we have come up to us with regard to our company logo something.

Take a look closely.

There you will see in the middle of the Shiloette a luxiriösen Karrosse.  This is wrapped in a circle full security.

your Security

The Car Crash Info

The Car Carsh Info is a freelance company that is viewed with your Renomierten partners in the professional world and remains steady on this course in order to face the big challenges of the market. So the Car Crash Info has more than the normal outside the box service offerings that are so hard to find elsewhere.

Nevertheless, we constantly work on additions and changes to be even better.

Therefore applies to you: "Your goal is our goal"


Locations and publication partnersLocations (Sachverständigenwesen)

Food I: 45136 Essen, Guts Muths Route 51

Food II: 45131 Essen, Joseph Lenné-Straße 39a 

Food III : 44807 Bochum, Vierhaus Straße 4  

Gelsenkirchen: 45891 Gelsenkirchen, Daimler Straße 1

Hattingen 45525 Hattingen, Poststraße 3  

Do you like to know more about us, so you will see on the left side under "People and qualifications" after.