People and skills

Transparency has always something to do with honesty.

Bernhard Kohlstedt

born in 1962   

key qualifications 

Actually, but a really scary word.

Qualifications - that's important ? The answer is " Yes " and "No ".

Is formed, who knows where he finds what he does not know.                                                                         Georg Simmel (1858-1918)

So qualifications have always something positive, but unfortunately also something negative.

An explanation can be found below the educational status. In addition, for those of you who are interested it, we have put together an activity declaration to the motor vehicle expert at the bottom of this text.

But let's see first on the educational status of the owner of the Car Crash Info.

   Education Status     Training type periods 

* Vocational training for motor vehicle electricians  

   Bosch Werksvertretung in Essen (NRW)                           1978-1980

* Vocational training for motor vehicle mechanics,    

   Renault Commitment office in Essen (NRW)                     1980-1983

* Military service of the Bundeswehr

   (Army and Air Force)                                                          1983-1985

* Several service training in motor vehicles advertising,

   among others the VW training center Ratingen-Lintorf  1985 - 2015

* Completion of a specialized study of the second Secondary

   at vocational college, Dining state certified technicians

   specializing in automotive engineering                            1994 - 1998

* Completion of a qualifying operating structure

   Business Automotive at vocational college, Essen

   state certified Betriebswirtschafts  Technician                 1998 - 2000

* Training preparation for master's certificate with the

   audited financial statements of the polishing plant      

   Department of driving - and transport routes

   the federal state North Rhine-Westphalia, here:

   Rail Vehicle Engineering - the training center of the

   trade in  Hamm (NRW)                                                         1999-2001

* Full-time education at the colleges to Educational

   center of the economy (BCW) with  Certification Statements

   for Technical Business Administration                                2005 - 2007

* Training of trainers on the education center of business

    for preparation Examining the trainer

    aptitude Chamber of Commerce (IHK) to Essen,

    Mülheim and Oberhausen                                                         2006

* Automotive service technician HWK Dusseldorf                2007 - 2008

* Completion of a Aufbauqualifikationstraining at the

   TÜV Rheinland Academy at the location in Chemnitz

   certified automotive experts for road accidents and

   vehicle Reviews (unlimited) PersCert TÜV 

   TÜV Rheinland No:1994028 / ID : 0000023687               2012 - 2013

* Consistently diverse and Fort Training the ultimately

     due to the complexity here not listed on are                   1985 - 2015

* Currently under construction qualifying for EU wide

   state permission to create of anerkannter accident

   opinion within the European Union expertized. and recognized                accident Kommisar   

   In planning              " Havariekommsariat NRW "                  2016

Professional activities  

Occupations periods

* Vocational training in automotive   

   sector - see also above qualifications                                 1978 - 1983   

* Activities in the motor vehicle workshop and throughout

   the area as vehicle fleet remanufacturer of V.A.G.

   Directed operation (Gottfried Schultz) of the company

   Kötter Group                                                                         1983 - 1991  

* Profession in several positions of the municipal transport

   company of Essen, ultimately perennial as Roadway and

   traffic planners (labor relationship termination in the city

   of Essen completely involuntarily and unclean) 

   (roadways and rail vehicle industry)                                   1991-2004

* Organisation Staff and the driver today the Lord Mayor

    of Essen                                                                               2004 - 2006

* In addition, in several political  Official fields active        1998 - today 

* Employees in several motorized vehicle communicate

   offices in Essen                                                                     2006 - 2008

* Parallel see key skills                                                           2005 - 2007

* Co-worker of the 100% subsidiaries society and

     education of Essen                                                             2007 - 2008

* Project activity as an instructor  in the automotive

   supply chain management of  nationwide established

   company the skilled worker training schools (FAA)

   here: Activity West Region / State NRW                              2008 - 2010

* Loss of working hours by private reasons (Accident)          2010-2012

* Perennial activities as Kfz.- Expert, since February                 2013       with tested and outspoken       TÜV - certification date  

* In addition, CCI trainers Automotive Should you have

   any questions on this subject, please contact me happy!     

More people and partners

Dipl. Ing. Otto Leonhard Peus

Mr. Otto Leonhard Peus is a very reputable expert and vehicle technology based in Essen.

In addition, Mr. Peus is a board member in BVSK - Federation of freelance and independent experts eV for the Automotion Nevertheless, Mr. Peus is chairman of the audit expert training and also acts as a member of KFZ.- arbitration board.

Through his adeptness in dealing with the settlement of a claim area after traffic accidents, as well as the court ordering appraiser Mr. Peus is certainly one of the contact persons in NRW in complicated cases in terms of unclear legal situation in traffic accidents.

Through the existing cooperation Mr. Peus is for us as Car Crash Info an indispensable and reliable partner, so we edit in close cooperation especially court dispute pending cases up to the accident analysis and forensics.

Deeper information is also available at:


Sachverständigenbüro Liermann

The traditional company Liermann is also a very well known and widely Renomiertes companies.

Through the existing cooperation special services are in particular the "serious legal cases" edited together with us.

The local manager Mr. Graf is one of the persons in the vehicle Switching Sachverständigenwesen.

In addition, Mr. Graf is also the president of the ZAK eV which is the only association that subject-related interests of freelance experts working and expert employees of large organizations and insurance companies combined.

Deeper information is also available at:    

Learn more about people, see publication partner. Qualifications As described above, in conclusion here one more note about qualifications. Negative on qualifications may, for. Example, the suggestion of people over a number of qualifying statements for that reason be because it could well act arrogant or pretentious to other people. What the results can imagine everyone. Conversely, it can be seen in a positive sense, that a number of qualifications at least is a good basis to share in-depth knowledge, which you can of course only benefit as a client.    Automobile experts see Button career information.