Special Features

The basis of an expert's hand tools.

It is not just about a camera. Instead, a computer-based, measuring devices and a perfect office equipment of the foundation must be in order to offer you all these services.

So a report must be presented clean, clear and credible. So you, the damage will be replaced as soon as possible, we want to be a figurehead in terms of professionalism.

So it is our duty to make your statement externally as appealing as possible. Nevertheless, is the fact that we have a modern technical equipment concept as know - how dispose to solve difficult cases can. 

Office Equipment Still and drawing materials a lot of other materials to customize your reports as clean as possible - to our office facilities include besides the usual writing.

This begins at our discretion with the paper for the printer, which we use for a good paper which is not the usual standard of 80g / m² but a paper with min. 90 g / m², so that your regulatory body equal to a good feeling about the sighting the report has.

The items listed above give a part of the office equipment again.

EDP ​​- conditioning Sign materials Character blocks A4 Fiber pens colored Pressure pins Measurement sets

Office supplies Opinion dispatch


Technical equipment

  The technical equipment of the experts include In addition to the usual common things like a laptop, a photographic equipment and the aforementioned office equipment and various other instruments.

Only in this way we have the opportunity to examine special or particularly difficult cases and also even to refute provable.

Get a clear overview of a selection of equipment that is listed here as follows. So we have some measuring and analysis devices that make it possible for me to look for specific tracks that could even uncover may sabotage. 

Photography equipment with or without lenses

Measuring wedges for detecting gap Masen

Magnetic Pfeil panels with different color schemes  

Magnetic arrows  Farbmaßlineale

Rulers Show Ruler Set

Adhesive fine - Arrow Kleber

Digital tire tread depth measurement  

Measuring wedge

Dell reflector for hail damage calculation

Photo documentation of hail damage and other deformed surfaces

Gasaufspürgerät for proffessional detection of Leakage leads to gas vehicles 

Use of a digital profile depth gauge with switch      by mm / inch    Using a photo dipstick   

Paint coating thickness measurement applications  

OBD diagnoses  Ultrasonic leak detectors used for the detection of     Water inlet 

Ultrasound machine for detecting inconsistent  Wind noises to the body u.v.a. 

All digital devices include calibration certificates, which is often important for sustainability in front of and in court proceedings.   Do you have any questions, we are happy to have an open ear for your concerns.