Assignments and assignment statements

It is important to speak briefly at this point on two things:

An assignment - but what does that mean?

The assignment is a mutual agreement with the transfers of creditors a claim, those demands on its contractual partners.

The term is defined in § 398 legal sentence 1 of the German Civil Code (BGB).

The assignment is normally available legal business, which just come in forms of expertise to bear.

There are different types of assignments, which, however, after a traffic accident hardly comes for you as a client to bear.

So there are three different types of assignment statements that have all three different legal meanings.

Nevertheless, the most commonly utilized, the type of the conditional payment Abtritts will be.

The so-called. Assignments by way of security or even the meeting place, is barely used by road accidents, as this form of contract is not unbedingtr beneficial for you as well as Auftrggeber.

For further information, I will be happy to help!

With the button Expert assignment You will be taken to the form.

This form you can print out and bring signed already for viewing, if you want to be present himself at the previously agreed date.

Likewise, you can send me the form as signed on the e-mail traffic, so you can save yourself time and postage