used Car search

Many people are in today's fast-moving times throughout various factors such as Professional, family or other circumstances to a "Temporal" instructed help. 

So many have often little time to look around at your leisure in the market for a suitable vehicle.

In addition, so many have already experienced a big surprise when buying a new "old". To play in finding the right vehicle often - in addition to the temporal problem - even a lack of expertise an important role.

Enter the subject of your used car search, therefore in advance in the right hands.

They provide a framework, we take care of all the rest. Of course, you can also under the Conditions of Use in advance for further details Inform.

Basic procedures: Private Customers   After initial contact, we are a Vorgesprächstermin, if you like happy even when you arrange your home.   Then we erörten together the framework for your new vehicle (vehicle type, color, age, amenities, etc.) by means of the tender specifications Car Crash Info created.   Then you get more than a week later, as desired 3-5 voruntersuchte vehicle offers.

To this end, information of "pros and cons" of each vehicle will be discussed with you then. Of course, you get to each vehicle a detailed status report of the Car Crash Info.

After the common Appointment of the vehicles you can choose your own pace, which the vehicles you want to dial. 

Have you now decided on one that we continue to take care of all the rest, so that your new car is then approved by and is transferred even up to your doorstep.

You then only need to get in and drive.

A service which is so hardly find elsewhere.

business Customers

Somewhat in contrast to the private customers , the question of one or more new vehicles will usually result in "Factory New " lease vehicles.

Yet, here too " Time is money ".

So companies or executives often have to take care to detailed questions about contract terms for new vehicles , vehicle types, equipment etc. hardly time.

In addition, sometimes it also requires a business approximated analysis fits whether and what type of vehicle to the fleet.

Intensive search, negotiation of conditions and further details such as duration , etc. are part of our service.

Whether you are thus looking for the geeignten used or need a business management consultancy, please contact us.

On the subject of costs , please refer to the present in the Conditions of Use information about Housed car search.