Money and cash in transit

First, it is always about a fiscal good and their relocation.

The means of transport are special money cassettes, jewelery cases, security bags, special containers, armored vehicles, aircraft (licensed) for the transport modes post, rail, car (armored vehicle) and aircraft.

When it comes to cars and valuables, it can be said that converted commercial vehicles are often used here.

Transport companies which carry such money and value transports are subject to the Federal Association for Disposal.

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Money and Wertransporte have a special meaning in a traffic accident. This is true in two respects, as can be here already represent ausmehrere questions of nature o manipulation raid by a traffic accident or a normal Vekehrsunfall o consideration of the vehicle Technical Concepts (vehicle armor)

Through years of experience and the previous activity in a large security companies and to be seen in this context, activities of special vehicles and CIT, we know little about the weaknesses in such types of transport. Therefore, it often is not enough to inform only the police as a normal traffic accident and take the vehicle damage, the following street can once again be cleared.

Depending on the type of damage a traffic accident with the participation of CIT is often difficult, because in case of a loss event of a major character, the vehicle may not only no longer be moved from the accident site, but rather it means following a contrario.

That is, the content of the transporter, (cash boxes, securities, gold deposits, etc.) need to be transshipped on site only once. This means but also that this is a high security technical effort is.

The creation of a liability damage assessment in the accident event of such specialized vehicles, provide as a particular challenge for the experts. Since vehicle condition and requirement can not be placed in comparison with a production car, the opinion of such vehicles must be special.

Even a small error in such reports can u. U. be through the vehicle body of particularly high importance and thus marked by enormous follow-up costs.

In addition is the fact that more detailed plans for vehicle development and vehicle construction, often only the relevant security companies or car manufacturers are reserved. 


The establishment of opinion for special vehicles is a very special task especially with armored vehicles for the experts.