Many companies have a more or less large fleet of vehicles, many of them work in the field, some treat the in-house vehicle as though it's not cheap because it's not their own. We can not prevent this handling of the vehicles, but certainly minimize them a little, because often cause damage due to wrong behavior with the company's own vehicles.
Whether you are a business or a leasing vehicle, act as a company.
But especially for leasing vehicles are to pay particular attention to very specific habits, the "good" namely the car is the lessor to return, if possible with a few damages. If one knows the different types of contracts of the individual leasing contracts and their calculation methods, one knows all the more that the lessee often afterwards has the "look it up".

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Fundamentals of the motor vehicle lease
Leasing is the medium term transfer of use of the lessor financed leasing item to the lessee (no purchase, no acquisition or transit financing).

Leasing is in competition with three-way financing and hire-purchase. With the business of leasing, a contract of use for a certain "good" on time (in the case of motor vehicles and also on KM) is concluded between two contractual partners.
First of all, we differentiate between four types of leasing

    Contract with residual value settlement
    Termable contract with final payment
    Contract with the tendering right of the lessor
    Contract with mileage

To 1) Contract with residual value account
Lessee guarantees the calculated residual value. From the additional proceeds he gets 75%. He has to make up for a shortfall.
To 2) Contract with final payment (rare in car leasing)
The contract can be terminated by the lessee after expiry of a non-cancelable basic rental period against payment of the unamortised costs. The proceeds for the vehicle will be credited with 90%.
To 3) Contract with tender rights
The lessor has the right to sell the vehicle to the lessee at the end of the contract. The purchase price is determined upon conclusion of the contract. There is no right of acquisition of the lessee.
To 4) Contract with mileage
More and less kilometers are to be remunerated by the lessee or reimbursed by the lessor. The lessor assumes the marketing risk. The lessee must return the vehicle in a condition free from defects and damage, which must be commensurate with age and mileage.

Operational leasing: the lease

Operational leasing (also known as operating leasing) is more of a classic tenancy, which differs significantly from the other leasing types: the contracts run for a shorter period of time and are flexible due to short-term termination rights. Unlike finance leases, the costs of repairs, maintenance and insurance are the responsibility of the lessor. After the contract ends, the vehicle is then leased to another lessee. Operational vehicle leasing is especially worthwhile if you want to increase your vehicle fleet at short notice and remain flexible. You can deduct the lease payments as operating expenses.

Behavior after the occurrence of the damage or at the scene of the accident
The second point that should be important for companies, is the behavior after the damage occurs, here again applies both the vehicle damage itself, as well as the traffic accident damage.
How do I behave after a traffic accident?

What behavior is appropriate in the event of an accident When all of a sudden there is a crash and a jerk in the car, all occupants are wide awake and startled:

An accident usually means excitement for everyone involved.
Although everyone in this situation would like to react calmly and calmly, more than one person loses his nerve. For this reason, it is important to always deal with the correct behavior in a car accident.
First of all, it is important to keep calm:
Then there are some sub-points to note. Probably the most important point is possibly to help injured. Exactly there but in such an already strained situation, the problem is already going on.

    Who helps whom?
    How can I help?
    Can I even u.U. in the case of the worst verses, do I even have to help or even?
    How do I help protect my own life, what about accident prevention?

The questions are extended many times, because this topic "Correct behavior at the scene of the accident?
A topic that in most cases is wrongly treated in our society
Furthermore, only key points should be given here, with which companies are given the opportunity to think very intensively about training opportunities for their employees.
These topics include:

    Accident handling basics
    Knallzeug and their dangers
    Securing the accident site
    accident involvement
    Accident reporting service
    Accident data recorder
    ecall systems
    Obligation to register with the police
    accident reports
    Gaffer Keep away, that's right

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