vehicle intrusion

Our formula: fiberglass and carbon black A case study as a nightmare scenario? They come in the morning from your doorstep and want to drive your car to work.

As you get closer to your car, you notice at once that someone already was there in front of you.

Moreover, you notice not only damage to the vehicle, such as on the doors, the tailgate or the disks, but you also see that you have z. B. no radio, steering wheel and air bag or even your forgotten items more or they are no longer available.

What to do?

Of course you will - probably - once the door of the vehicle open to see what you are missing anything or is damaged.

Please make this step already NOT !! This action could cause blur important traces.

In addition, it is the question of which kinds of traces are there? Especially in the automotive industry we are talking about three possible exploitable track types, namely fingerprints, DNA or tool marks?

What is for the citizens and injured so particularly important?  First of all, be sure you call after the initial shock of the collapse, the police, so that they receive the slump and is looking for the perpetrators. Follows the usual way, it is the so-called.

Police come to you to write a message.

However, whether and who takes traces is then decided by the police "on site" means an isolated case.  st your vehicle ready to drive yet, you are often asked to drive yourself to a protective guard. If this is the case, you may now u already important -.

Maybe - toolmarks blurred.

Do you like your safety an additional protection? Consult the officials whether and to what extent a crime scene is made. Very often, of course, the insurance regulators keen to catch the perpetrators of regulatory reasons.

Thus, we come as Car Crash Info into play, because we also secure tool marks, together with the police for you as an injured vehicle owners and thus the chance to catch a perpetrator also increase. 

Ultimately this means for you to play it safe.

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