Technical reports

In modern vehicles, despite the incorporation of many backup and monitoring systems damage to engines, transmissions and other Agregaten are by no means excluded.

Although no longer so often a technical opinion on all modern vehicles occurs, can generally be technical damages neither predict nor prevent ever.

So modern vehicles are low end by your Materialgestalltung and the development as a whole, as well as to be seen in this context, Inspection intervals no longer so susceptible to technical defects such as older vehicles. Nevertheless, an engineering evaluation can u. U. brought to bear on the question of recourse z. B. by an improperly performed repairs.

So a technical opinion requires an elaborate investigation in order to prove whether it is the damage is a material damage or Incompetent repair damage. 

Individual parameters such purpose, mileage and PHYSICAL sizes on the vehicle before any damage occurs are taken into account.   Particular attention will be back where vehicles have been converted to gas installations.

Here is often the question to determine whether damage could be caused by the LPG conversion or not.

Furthermore, determine a technical opinion as to whether Reparaturunsachgerechte work was carried out. The same applies to the adoption of reticences at u. U. previously performed inappropriately or Incompetent repairs.

Off course targets technical advice from: All mechanical components of the vehicle, especially on body parts and their corrosion protection, such as the paint.

Further terms of the expiration or content of a technical report I inform you with pleasure, for inquiries.