Bernhard Kohlstedt

In the course of working life in various Off - and training fields active.

♦ Serving as a trainer changed Wirtschaftsschule Welling in Purchasing Management Automotive

♦ Serving as a training instructor of Nationwide established company FAA (Skilled worker training schools)

Trainers in the field of automotive shopping

♦ trainers at the Global Automotive Service, gauging vehicle technology and perspectives of experts activities particular calculations

♦ Before and main costing implementation in the rail network of the city of Essen

In addition Tüv Cert. with official test mark

How do you get such a certificate?

Title of the certification program:

Car expert for damages and evaluation (TÜV) - indefinite


Successful completion as a master, technician or higher qualification in the fields of automotive engineering, automotive mechanics, automotive electrics, body construction and two-wheel mechanics

Successful participation in the certification recognized by the certification body "Vehicle Expert for Damage and Assessment (TÜV)" of the TÜV Rheinland Academy

Test blocks:

    Written exam (open questions)
    Oral exam
    Creation and defense appraisals

Compulsory competences:

   The exam proves participants in the following areas:
    Legal basis
    Basic insurance knowledge
    Vehicle technical knowledge
    Basics of vehicle damage and valuations
    Knowledge and methods of vehicle evaluation

"Car experts for damage and evaluation (TÜV)" acquire the conditions to act as a freelance expert in the field of vehicle damage and vehicle evaluation and to be able to act safely in all relevant areas.
So far implemented in: Germany
Scope: Worldwide
Further information can be found at:    

                                             In addition, awg / BVSK expert

The awg - knowledge for tomorrow
The market leader of the education and training center in the automotive expert field in Germany.

As the official academy of the BVSK, the largest association of freelance automotive experts in Germany, as well as the Academy of the GTÜ guarantee a professionally competent education and training in all areas of the expert.

Minimum requirements for training

The minimum requirements for participation in the course are aligned with the recognition in the BVSK and are identical to the 2003 decision of the Traffic Court Day in Goslar:

Car master with several years of professional experience
Coachbuilder master with several years of professional experience
Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical engineering, automotive engineering and electrical engineering
Automotive technician (exception, will be checked in individual cases)
Two-wheel mechanic master (exception, will be examined in individual cases)

It is an advantage if driving licenses of all classes are available.

The BVSK Academy is an outstanding academy with high demands on itself and the client (student).

The academy forms the portfolio in Germany in the matter of legal security with questions of the expert training in the motor vehicle range.

The successful completion of this academy also has a high regard in the economy, ultimately through intensive training in conjunction with their renowned partners.

In-depth information: