fire damage

Also, in a motor vehicle, the occurrence of a fire can be examined.

But what actually is a fire? As fire a light phenomenon is called which is caused by fire, gluten or flames.

Here related materials are diverted in a Verbrennungssengen- or melting process.

This process then proceeds in an intended range and is thus an uncontrolled manner.

Here it leaves on its own its origin-destination and threatened - usually rapidly - spreading. In addition, fires are after your other course-points, as well as divided the respective size.

On motor vehicles, a fire damage is usually due to a technical defect of any kind.

Vehicle fires are especially dangerous, because most people are on or even in the vehicle. Secondly, here a lot of building materials of the motor vehicle to be burned such.

As plastics or aluminum and tire parts.

These types of combustion are then emerge as a respiratory poison, which in turn is very dangerous.

Possible technical Urasachen may be damage to tires, such as at a too low air pressure. In addition, can be caused fire damage after a traffic accident, by a defective starter battery or even cable fires. The number of occurrence of fires is very versatile, so a fire damage can often (unless it clearly is) determined only by a technical opinion. For questions we are of course available!!