Accident emergency aid

Every year about half a million traffic accidents are fought over who will pay for the damage and who was actually to blame for the accident.

Almost always the reason is: there is no clear evidence!
Especially in traffic accidents without personal injury, there is no evidence by the police.

So if you want to assert claims later in order to defend yourself against unjustified claims of your opponent, you also need court-actionable evidence.

Here only a proper trace and evidence backup helps and that from the beginning.
Remember, once you get away from the scene, it is often extremely difficult to secure evidence in the aftermath.

To help in the Ruhr area the Car Crash Info with the track gauge to secure their evidence and even around the clock!

    Documentation of accidental traces
    Securing vehicle and personal data
    Surveying and surveying the accident location
    Evaluation of accident traces
    Assistance with accident flight
    Securing relevant accident traces
    If necessary: ​​visualization of finger and hand prints
    If necessary and possible: examination for traces of manipulation

                                           Evidence collection with Spurfix!

The onset of damage is often a matter of seconds. But just as quickly as the damage traces have arisen, just as fast you can u.U. become unclear due to weather conditions, overlays etc. In this respect, it is particularly important that tracks should be secured immediately and in large numbers.

The Spurfixmerthode is a simple and inexpensive way to secure tracks.

However, this method is a process that is completely patented. The application of this patent-protected procedure may only be carried out by Mr. B. Eng. Jochen Lehmkuhl (expert Jochen Lehmkuhl, ( or appointed, trained and licensed partners.

The Car Crash Info is not a licensed partner and will not be able to use this method.

Nevertheless, one of our cooperation partners is a trained and licensed expert in this protected process.

Therefore, only with prior agreement and approval, a processing with this method is also possible for us.

For you as the end user, however, this has little impact on a result of the evidence gathering.

           Trace clarification and visualization, as well as documentation by quadrocopter.

For example, a drone, also known as a quadrocopter, can be used to create true-to-scale accident sketches / aerial photographs. This type of technology is only used by a very small number of expert firms in Germany. The big advantage of such a procedure is: The quality of accident reconstruction is significantly increased. Of course the police, prosecutors and courts are very opposed to this.

By expert initiation of emergency measures we help you to secure your claims.