What is that?

plausibility In the plausibility check is to examine whether a reconstructable accident occurred with the information provided by the parties are based on the damage image in accordance, or / and the event as a whole is comprehensible.  

After a traffic accident is plausibility checks corresponding properties in conformity with the circumstances of the accident must be accompanied by all those involved in the accident.  

So it happens mostly when there are major disagreement as to how the accident happened between the parties involved in accidents.

The description of how the event occurred are often unexplained mystery, which is why it often comes by to plausibility check.

When to be examined claims under general liability are mostly to damage of vehicles by individuals or carried by you objects.

(z. B. bicycles, wheelbarrows, shopping carts, footballs etc.). The procedure in the analysis is that in the reconstruction of vehicle - collisions basically identical.

As a neutral expert we create for the prosecution, the courts and insurance appraisals for plausibility at damage cases.

Especially in the field of this kind of plausibility checks is a focus of our activities.