Liability claims

Liability damage assessment occupy the largest share of expert's opinion for road accidents and vehicle reviews.

Already in new orders is the order type and the purpose of the report is of enormous importance.

Detailed principles that are created based on the contract basis, must be clarified in advance so that the experts are known clearly and unambiguously that the contract clearly content.

The only way to rule out later complaints or prevent misunderstandings. Terms If you were involved in a traffic accident, which is no fault of you, there is a liability claim.

In the Civil Code (BGB) is regulated under § 249, that the damage perpetrator or their personal liability insurance for all caused by the accident costs - must pay - incurred by the accident victim.

Be the accident victim must therefore be made as if the damage for you never occurred.

Claims that are covered by the insurer

Recovery and towing 

Repair costs of the vehicle   

Costs for undrawn lawyer 

Expert fees / Treatment costs  

Cost of a rental car  

Loss of use compensation

possibly mercantile and / or technical impairment of the damaged vehicle Damages

Costs for any necessary domestic help

Loss of earnings Important! For a liability loss general rule is that you have an accident victim with a view to a process that "Tell". Thus, you are bound to any instructions with respect to the polluters.

In this way, you have the right to themselves to seek an automotive expert and a lawyer of your choice already by law.

In view of the given by you in order liability damage assessment following individual services includes: Investigative activities Viewing conditions - level of calculable Repair costs even with an economic total loss are we previously fully reflect the actual cost of repairs    calculated and not estimated just Determining the replacement value and the     Replacement Duration.

Determination of the repair time Optionally, mercantile or technical impairment Residual values ​​determination 

Information about the performance improvements 

Loss of use compensation either per day or after

Failure group (job definition)

A meaningful system of photographs

Of course we are available for any further information you may have