Here you are all the services discussed

The scope of services is very varied and depends on the respective work order.

The complete package of services includes the private customers or business customerslisted on the left.

                             Framework contracts in the sense of the vehicle fleet

For example, we would like to call companies with a fleet of vehicles not to go straight to a car workshop with their defective vehicles. Justification: Motor vehicle workshops have a clear mission to repair a vehicle (repair).

This order is often accompanied by the suggestion to tell the layman which components are defect and which components have to be exchanged. The car workshop is also in your view to a great extent interested in exchanging parts, because that is the basis of its merit.

But, how does the layman actually know if what is stated is actually broken?

So the layman trusts in the correctness of the workshop, so those who are interested in selling or exchanging a lot. Legal certainty for the correctness of exchanged components does not get the customer.

So it would be just for companies, the meherer vehicles have better once to have legal certainty for damage analysis, before often expensive repairs are performed, which are in fact not necessary.

Therefore, a company in its own right would do well to get legal certainty with so-called framework contracts.

So before a vehicle comes to the workshop, you already know about the resulting damage, which has the consequence that the car shop you can no longer "over the ear" hewn.

Talk to and in this regard gladly.

Another suitable reference to this and the varied range of services is the preparation of a cost estimate.

A first indication of the wide range of services is the preparation of a cost estimate.

A cost estimate - what's that?

Strictly speaking, a cost estimate is something like a commercial pre-calculation.

In terms of damage to motor vehicles, this means that at lower losses, which move in a loss frame of approximately € 750.00, about the legislature has created the opportunity to let create a neutral estimate or a so-called. Expert Opinion about your free experts.

Gladly we clarify the conditions, whether a cost estimate or a liability damage assessment for you comes through inspection of your vehicle in question.

In addition, these estimates have the advantage that you can also refer to a subsequent use as evidence by this kind of tour by the accompanying photographs.

But be careful:

The cost estimate of a motor vehicle workshop has no legal force and can prove the case of legal consequences may therefore be treated neutrally for you.

This would be to your disadvantage!

Consult therefore in such cases it is better to reputable car. - Expert of your choice. With a reputable expert you'll be sure that he will point to this.

                           ♦ Creation of indemnity damage assessment

Liability damage reports are to damage assessment, as well as evidence important so that they do not have to fear for the future recognition of their right to justice.

As the backbone of such a report is constructed, you can among private customers or business customers such as seen to liability loss.

The fact is:
An opinion is a proof of how the damage to the vehicle and under what conditions these damages were also in view of circumstances of the accident, secured and documented.

Only in this way you are always on the safe side to ensure that your legal claims against third parties are enforcing.
                            ♦ Creating hull damage assessment

Kasko damage assessment only occur in the hull insurance case and govern your own damage to the vehicle.

Detailed details, see also under private clients or business customers - Kasko reports


It is good that you want to be informed in advance to take the rich and powerful offering in the area "Service" to complete.

As a contractor you do not just have the right to get your right, but rather a good feeling when you know in advance how your damage event is handled.

Therefore, we present not only varied service, but bring you up to date with any questions regarding your car accident or the assessment to your vehicle.

A traffic accident is an event, a happening that you "thank goodness" does not happen every day.

More important is the settlement of claims for you as an accident victim.

So it is often very complicated and opaque to behave properly and thereby find both in technical terms, as well as in legal terms, the right way in the restoration of the vehicle as before the damage occurred.

Of course, it is clear a traffic accident does not mean a world sinking.

As a service we know how to inform and above all to remember this side of the home when it has once cracked.

What we give you already on the way before a service order might be to remember a few rules of conduct.

    keep Calm

    Get out

    Make emergency if needed

    Secure traffic accident site

    First aid afford (if necessary)

    Not express itself after the loss event for

    Circumstances of the loss

    More important is to communicate with the accident opponents

    (Address, registration number, etc. note)

    Note, please note both indicators

Wait, if your car is no longer Verkehrssischer until the towing has arrived, thus you immediately know where the vehicle is located.

Proceed as possible after the accident (unless you are unhurt) by taxi, public transport etc. home and try now no longer thinking about the incident.

How then now everything goes for you, you will see, if you will read the text below the section entitled "After the accident".

Furthermore, we have now even advance you some extra damage case - compiled and insurance notes.

                                              Loss event tips

Accident - what now?

Make a note in each case numbers of the cars involved in the accident and ask for the identities of the holder.

You should also do this if the damage to the vehicle appears to be low or if you are not sure who has caused the damage.

Make a note of how the accident happened and have them confirm these notes.

Customize if possible also a sketch. This should be the position of the vehicles at the time of the collision.

In order to determine forget anything:
Use best a European Accident Report.

Get this form in any insurance - it should always be kept in the vehicle.

 Inform the police at

                       Serious traffic accidents with Veletzten

      Disagreements with regard to the accident opponents

                                          Unclear situation

                                           Insurance Tips

So that you can be back to get your money, consider the following tips.

In a small damage with quote You should check with your regulator arrange the vehicle to be repaired in a workshop.

Think, however, here the fact that cost estimates are created in an automotive workshop, include the seen in this context legal conditions for such estimates?

Therefore applies if you repair your car in the shop, ask for a guarantee of payment - confirmed by your insurer.

Ask fuse easily in the workshop or at your supply thereafter.

If you settle for an opinion-based, determined by you the appraiser depreciation is also increasing.

But beware of the reduction in value is not the same for each injury.
Even with an expected debt allocation You are entitled to a lawyer or an expert of your choice.
Demand for delays, for example by police investigations, a prepayment. This is often granted and protects your financial resources.

For detailed information please contact a reputable valuer available to check your insurance policy and you demonstrate the possibilities of settling the claim.

After the accident

Only after you have come to rest and can think clearly again, it depends on your next steps!

Lawmakers now gives you the option called up. To search for agents of your choice, which can regulate the handling questions of accident damage for you.

To this end, two people for you are especially important!

                   A specialist lawyer of your choice for the field

Road traffic law, - traffic accident right - Traffic Criminal

2. an expert of their choice

Of course, it is good service previously to consult extensively, for which we do not charge any fee costs generally.

Through our partners, we also have a workshop with sufficient tools and a lift so that the damage intense and careful Examines can be.

Nevertheless, we accept both suggestions, but also criticism.

We want to be a good example when it comes to service and support you all the way to the settlement of claims.

We would like for you to achieve the optimum result, which means, conversely, that question will not be managed series, rather than constantly with all

Participants are discussed, we keep in touch so as to provide the greatest possible transparency and confidence for you.


Many services that seem unimportant to you, may be in the regulation of outstanding importance.

So we do not see ourselves as a liquidator in fast-track procedure to inspect the damage, rather than to inform you with additional services such as to give you the secure feeling of transparency.

Consultant services relating to the settlement in case of damage:

Workshop services (eg. Even with the vote of spare     parts)

    Clarify the conditions for preparing the opinions species

    Consulting an expert opinion scope

    Advice on opinion rating

    Consulting with expertise Evaluation

    Revisierung in Opinion

    Audits (private - and business customers and insurers)

    Customer service gen.

What types of vehicles are actually assessed?

     Cars, (all kinds)

    Trucks, (all kinds)

    Motorcycles (one and multi-track)


    Engines of vessels

    Rail-bound vehicles

For detailed information please contact a reputable valuer available to discuss your accident and related issues with you.

In addition, he shall teach you the ways of the settlement of claims. Which services you can use it, shows you a brief look into the area of ​​private customers or business customers.

Now look at the next steps in peace and let us know your opinion - also to home - happy with.