Driving Schools

On the warmest welcomes in the Driving Schools are adjacent region. Driving Schools and their vehicles have a special significance, because a driving school vehicle compared with those of " normal operation " has some technical changes for us.

In the case of liability claims, the person responsible for the accident is obliged to compensate the victim for the damage he suffered as a result of the accident pursuant to § 249 BGB.

The accident victim is to be made as he would be if the accident had not occurred.

In the case of liability for damages, the liability insurance of the person involved in the accident takes effect in the place of the injuring party (§ 3 compulsory insurance law). In the event of liability claims, compensation claims are asserted.

This also means that the reviews and after a traffic accident in terms of the technical equipment of such vehicles by a U. accident -.

Due to the design of other review - get.

To be taken into account here that z.B. is installed a second control element in the vehicles. If such damaged by accident but must fast spare parts new procurement be possible, because your driving school vehicle belongs on the road and not.

In the workshop In this respect, we have to provide a special incentive along with you and with our partners as quickly as possible, but especially for you legal certainty that the life in the workshop are as low as possible.

In addition is the fact that driving schools as quickly as possible will need a replacement vehicle, of course, with driving school equipment.

Here we have come up with something special for our driving school customers. For when inspecting the crashed driving school vehicle, the expert decides immediately (if possible at the scene of the accident) whether or to what extent a replacement vehicle will be necessary. At the latest in the workshop the 24h co-operation partners are informed by us as fast as possible, so that as far as the driving school goes, there is as little loss of time as possible regarding a replacement vehicle.

         Here it means for you safety and additional service from the beginning.