Official Guarding

As a rule, court exhibits are kept by the public prosecutor or by the police in so-called. Asservatenkammern so secured rooms. In addition, over the respective court exhibits a Asser-vartenbuch or Verwahrbuch is performed.

However, it may happen that not only the police or the prosecution, but also the experts in some cases, consultation with prosecutors and / or police must Asservieren evidence.

A small example of this would be a wild accident where the expert has an obligation to the polluter evidence under consultation and numbering (eg hair from hair Wild) to Asservieren.

This is true even full 10 years unless the reason for the detention expires. Learn more about this under the Wild Button damage Evidence can both in criminal - can be used as well as in administrative penalties. For more details on this topic, we are, or even one of your police stations safe disposal.