A very special challenge

The sighting of agricultural machinery, be it the well-known tractor, but rather the countless additional machines in agriculture are always a particular challenge for an expert.Here we distinguish first in the type of vehicle or even the agricultural machine.


        Narrow track tractors

          Forestry tractors

          municipal tractors

          Front loaders

          compact TractorsHarvesters

          Combine harvester (invention in 1826 in Scotland)

          self-driving Hächsler


          Bale Wrappers



Tillage equipment




         Spade roller





         Choppers u.v.a.

Furthermore, grassland equipment and the group of transport vehicles are still mentioned.Expertise and technologyAs agricultural machinery often goes on loan and is used as needed, it often causes damage and, in turn, disputes.

But not only the vehicle should be considered as a whole, but also the u.U. high yield loss that such damage in consequence on a vehicle / machine has.

For this purpose, it requires separate expert evidence, so-called yield loss report. These are very complex in design.For you, such a report in case of dispute is particularly important for the replacement. Often it is also about the question of non-existent rapid replacement parts procurement and the associated high downtime in the agricultural sector.

The technique and the requirement of the expert are very special in the case of agricultural machinery. Here, not only know-how is required, but special knowledge of the world market, because we are talking about vehicles and machines that are not available in high volume production. In this respect, not only the determination of the damage is of great importance in the case of an appraisal and damage occurrence, but also the unambiguous identification of the machine and, above all, the consideration of the spare parts supply, possibly procurement from other countries.In addition, there is no system software for the expert, so that correct calculation values ​​of the damage can be recorded just once.

These are just a few of the cornerstones that make a report very specific for such types of vehicles and machinery.Through existing contacts in the associations of agriculture, as well as commercial agents and workshops, we are in the position of the agricultural economy to provide a point-exact and Rechtssichers Gutachtenwerk.

Manufacturer brands Among the most well-known manufacturers include:John Deere, Fendt, Claas, Krone, New Holland, Case IH and Deutz-Fahr u.v.a.

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