game damage

The damage caused by wild in agriculture, forestry and fisheries will be referred to as game damage.

The in the collision of a vehicle emerging with a wildlife damage in the legal sense no game damage, but a so-called.


Thus, although in NRW reporting a wildlife accident not mandatory, but you should for your own protection against possibly later recourse for a wild accident immediately to the police or - if known - directly from the hunting beneficiaries (station owner) and volunteer Inform the accident.Even minor collisions with game should be reported immediately.

The hunter is entitled to retrieve the game or track down an injured game with a search. If necessary, he or the police will issue a certificate of accident insurance claim settlement. Lost animals should be left behind so as not to endanger themselves.

Injured wild animals can react very aggressively, and at least outside of Western Europe there is a risk of rabies. Accidentally killed animals belong to the right to exercise their hunting rights, but may not be placed on the market. A dead game must not be taken, as this fulfills the facts of poaching.

This would certainly be the right solution to avoid trouble later. The Wildunfall on a motor vehicle will be replaced by an existing third party insurance.

But beware, not all wildlife accidents are reimbursable fee - not even with the partial coverage. Partial coverage: A distinction that is very accurate to what animal it is in fact from the perspective of the insurer.

Therefore one speaks mostly in wild accidents only on so-called. Furred game which damages are then replaced. For Hair Wild Boar include, deer, deer, fox or hare;

The road accidents with spring wildlife are not insured at all insurances.

Whether and how you are insured with a Wildunfall tells you your insurer.

Indeed, there are also Versicherungsgessellschaften that Offer insurance coverage for accidents with all animals.

Some insurance contracts even include coverage in case of loss occurrence with pets.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us simply like to, we can help you find out what insurance cover you have.

Comprehensive: Can you prove that the damage has been caused to the vehicle by the collision with a ground game is not namely, the damage could be regulated by the comprehensive insurance.

It should be noted here, however, that at use of full insurance, the consequence, often a reversion will take place in a less favorable claims category.

Let therefore an expert first examine which way for you is the cheaper and more convenient way.