Accident reconstruction and accident analysis

The accident reconstruction is a very broad field.

So in complicated traffic accidents or in unclear cases of damage , and in unclear situations is necessary a detailed accident analysis or accident reconstruction to create, as it often leads to disputes as to the circumstances of the accident .

Therefore, an accurate reconstruction would be necessary.

Reconstructions are not only marked by difficult calculations, as well as a very high reconstruction costs.

Moreover grab here many disciplines in each other, so the contrary is not just a technical, as well as a biomechanical or medical knowledge are essential.

So many questions can only be answered with modern interdisciplinary methods here.

So be reconstruction of sports injuries , as well as , for example, the whole reconstruction with " human arguments ".

Thus, the identification of persons on photographic evidence, whether it be a hit and run or even just for simple misdemeanors sometimes be of great importance. For this purpose there are the so-called.

Experts for Anthropological identification of individuals by photographs. To those overall very complex and can present tough task in court, we stand with our partners and the people in the context specially trained for this task - reliable and professional disposal. That's something you can rely on.

From the investigation of the accident site, the accident vehicles up to survey the accident witnesses and the subsequent analyzes are carried out adjustments in order to get your rights.

In addition, the analysis of injury is due to the accident, which often turn out to be very complicated. Furthermore, so-called.

Biomechanical opinions are represented in computer emulations ready to replicate an actual course of course.

However, we point out, a traffic accident reconstruction is linked to high costs and an enormous amount of time.

Ultimately, the entire dynamic driving states of the vehicles involved are evaluated and compared in order to draw conclusions about the entire course of the accident can.

Of particular importance is, first, that many terms of accident reconstruction explained and declared to be cited repeatedly during the portion of an expert opinion.

How often are such complex and complicated issues, we would like to briefly point out a small case study.

It takes into account, inter alia, the collision speed in "m / s, the delays in m / s and the braking deceleration in m / s" to name just a few small technical terms that are required to deliver an opinion.

A linear addition of collision velocities and in the context to be seen speed is depleting by the braking alone is not permitted.

So you can a braking initial speed 50-55 km / h initially assume in our example

You now added to the stopping distance even the reaction path , so you would get a first theoretical reference value over the route that has been traveled .

This is not the distance which the vehicle travels , but exclusively to the reaction zone prior to the collision.

At this point, more highly complicated calculations now would follow , which then lead to the respective result of the event.

In other examples or detailed formulas to be out of here Derived , is from here Veranschaulichkeitsgründen be waived.

For more information, contact your automotive engineering firm , or the motor vehicle expert of your choice.