causality tests

There is not one, but rather two different ways to determine causalities.

So we determine causality once the causal in the legal sense and even in relation to the pysikalischen, which face each other in the latter cause and effect.

This fact alone make causality investigations very difficult to simply and yet to describe compact.

So we can say roughly that causality is the order of serial successful events.

An example in the automotive sector would be: Press your illumination device on the vehicle - result: The light turns on. Or Press the accelerator - result: the vehicle accelerates.

Causality studies are therefore taking with regard to a traffic accident statements about what belongs to each other irreversible events were connected to each other, thus making it or has come to an incident.

Causality order is a very complex sequence, which it would not make sense here to list content with complex calculations. So we have allowed only the "generic terms" of causality times perform closer.


Causal chain


Physical causality applies

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