radicals value

The Federal Court ruled on 04.06.1993 that the injured party must always be carried by its alternative authorization of § 249 para.2 BGB, the transfers of the damaged vehicle at a price that a switched him independent expert has determined under the present concrete damage pattern and regional market conditions.

The residual value is the liquidation value of a vehicle in the event of an economic total loss after a traffic accident or a technical total loss.

The latter is however today hardly ago because it repaired again generally modern vehicles.

A residual value of an accident damaged vehicle is thus a market value, which is determined by the respective experts on this relevant market.

This type of assessment is based on § 9 of the Law Review is based. Nevertheless, the expert has to lay the foundations of his residual valuation disclosed. Furthermore, the expert has to take into account the specific market conditions in determining residual value.

It all value-influencing factors are entered. On higher purchase prices of specific residual value buyers the injured party does not have to be as a rule refer.

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