The greatest superstition of the present is the belief in the right of way   (Jaques Tati 1907-82)

You are on one of the most extensive sources of information for questions about vehicle damage, vehicle assessments, accident damage processing, as well as on topics such as fleet support, used car advice, technical reports, and much more.

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A first important Note!

In its judgment of February 28, 2017, the BGH repeatedly clarifies that the injured party has the right to commission an expert of his / her trust (AZ: VI ZR 76/16).

In the event of a traffic accident or major vehicle damage, first to the appraiser and then to the workshop

You are on one of the most extensive sources of information in Germany with questions around the topics of vehicle damage, vehicle evaluations, accident damage processing, as well as to topics such as fleet management, used car consulting, technical expertise, u.v.a .

We are an independent vehicle appraisal office that enjoys a high reputation in the professional world and is certainly the right partner when it comes to the assessment of traffic accident damage and other vehicle damage.


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The Car Crash Info is a recognized, independent, and freelance expert company which always works insurance and workshop neutral.

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The Car Crash Info is a recognized and independent freelance expert company that works by loyalty and trust insurance and workshop neutral.

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