fleet service

The fleet care is a particularly important issue for companies with many vehicles.

So it is essential to have built up an understanding of the company's view a special relationship of trust with a property.

But what is it and what does it all belong to? From the expert's point of view, much can be limited to this. For example, The expert framework contract a criterion with which for enterprises a piece of security goes along, because differently than with the car workshop is from the point of view of the expert interest to define a damage determination, before the workshop on the vehicle parts exchanges are mostly useless, the company in Be billed.

So why not know what's going on with your car before you go to the garage?

An expert's intention is always useful for your own safety.

Lease takeover and lease returns It required in taking care of your vehicles, a high degree of confidence in the experts, because ultimately inserts your vehicles with regard to the leasing conditions of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS u . U. to lessor disagree, use or waste can be use.

Terms tracks are detained communicate the correct property and sustainably so demonstrably refuted in any legal disputes.

Road accidents

For more vehicles, the vehicles are measured on the time factor your experts - especially in view of possibly predamages known.

Therefore, it is important for your business to turn with confidence from accidental damage to always have the same partner.

Knowing your vehicle you know to previous settlement.

The sequence of formation of accidents in the fleet range tends to be strongly influenced by conflicting fetching features.

For this reason alone it is important to enforce the relevant claim in court with a strong partner.

Repeated events of occurrence of damage can lead to a lack of credibility in court for some judges.

Therefore, the Car Crash Info puts special emphasis on the quality of craftsmanship in the opinion.

Not speed, but an argument is the key to success.

For this reason we support so that the customer irreversible its claims interspersed.

Whether as as nursing services, as transport companies or other companies you talk to us.

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