minor damage


First, we would like to point out that a minor loss in terms of legal recourse has no personal injury result.

Furthermore, the STVO knows that a minor accident occurs when minor or no order repercussions are pronounced.

Furthermore, the facts are clear and there is no towing of accident vehicles.

In the field of accident damage a Bagatellsschaden exists when compared to the value on the market one thing no sustained or proportionate reduction in value is caused in wealth of the owner. In motor vehicles, the legislature has established a Bagatell-damage limit, this is approximately € 750.00.

If there is a minor loss, the regulation requiring liability insurer must bear the cost for a given by the victim in order vehicle - not necessarily accept exceed opinion. Therefore, you should contact previously with the insurer or a free automobile experts in conjunction. The cost estimate includes a workshop almost always the cost of repairs.Through the workshop no measures to preserve evidence assurance be performed.   Therefore, caution! 

An estimate of a workshop does not have any probative value and therefore no value when it comes to a legal injury. The minimum limit of € 750.00 is also of the GDV (German Insurance Association insurer) repeatedly in the discussion.   Nevertheless, there are by the legislature for the vehicle owner nor the possibility of a so-called. Opfergrene avail. For more information, you can see victims border.