Zweirad opinions

Opposite of a car - reports are a two-wheeler - considering its physical parameters vastly different. Thus, tracking, speed, brake alignment and ultimately driving angle from a technical perspective to those of a car 's can not be compared. In addition, terms such as swinging, fluttering act vastly different compared to a car.

So called as also known in technical jargon the latter "shimmy" which the driver may is struggling.

In this respect, of course, each of a damage assessment Krades with very special care must be treated.

Analysis and if necessary steering angle in conjunction with weather conditions and other influences are, therefore, to treat particularly sensitive in a two-cycle accident.

For here individual case studies of physical calculations would probably only lead to confusion, since ultimately the Posterior Analytics to stopping distance, speed and pavement, as well as a variety of other parameters did not allow themselves represent here in the near future. Nevertheless, we have through the decades of experience of the owner of the Car Crash Info course a special reference to the two-wheeler.

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